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Year 1

Please click on the button below to view our timetable for Year 1 students.

Your Dance Journey

From Year 1, in addition to their regular Saturday Ruby class, students can attend our Dancer Development programme, which prepares students to train in a more focused way to become part of the KBDA Competition Team. 


Jewel Dance Programme - Ruby

Children in the Ruby class now refine their fundamental ballet steps and continue to improve their strength, flexibility and musicality through the ISTD Modern and Tap syllabus. 

Dancer Development (Years 1 & 2)

In addition to refining their skills taught in the Jewel Dance Programme, students are now introduced to a wider dance vocabulary to prepare them for competition work, should they wish to be a part of the KBDA Competition Team. There is also now a focus on body conditioning, stagecraft and developing their confidence in performing. 

Creative Dance for Early Years

Included in the Ruby Dance Programme, students will explore movement in a new way and help to develop physical skills, harness musicality, and empower confidence in young children. Each class takes children on an imaginary journey with endless themes, such as swimming with whales, flying rockets to the moon, or adventuring through a jungle - every class is different!

A certificate will be awarded for all classes at each level to recognise your child's achievement before they move on to the next pathway, and a 'Sharing of Work' day in front of family and friends will also be part of the children's learning journey.







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Elizabeth Hall - Hall 1 & 3

Ruby Dance Foundation Combo

Year 1



Elizabeth Hall - Hall 1

Dancer Development - Minis

Year 1 - Year 2

Summer Term Dates: Monday, 15th April - Saturday, 20th July 2024

Half Term (No timetabled classes): Saturday, 25th May - Saturday, 1st June 2024

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