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What Our Families Say

Marina G

Amazing dance school, that supports our daughter from a 4 year old beginner, to become a talented, competition winning, and beautiful performer of 16 years old. The teachers are knowledgeable and very supportive, promoting dance techniques along side performance and personal growth.

Katy M

My daughter started at KBDA doing acro and she realised just how much she loved to dance. With the help of very kind/knowledgeable staff she has increased her classes to cover a range of core subjects. Karen has helped her dance her way through lockdown, pass her RAD exams and guided her through her very first audition experience. I can't recommend KBDA highly enough.

Leanne L

Bethany loves all her classes at KBDA. She really enjoys all the different dance styles, ballet, tap, modern, acro and contemporary. They are all delivered by amazing teachers with tons of enthusiasm and amazing creativity. She comes home from each lesson eager to show us what she has been learning. She has made some great friends and so have I – the school is a very friendly and supportive community.

Chris B

Fabulous dance school and a great home for my daughter. Ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and musical theatre are taught with such a love for their students.

Becky O

My daughter LOVES her dance classes, they are creative and fun but disciplined. She first started ballet as a very shy and timid 4-year-old. Miss Karen and her wonderful teachers have nurtured her and helped build her confidence over the 4 years she has been dancing with KBDA.In taking the time to get to know her, the team have guided her and helped work through her nerves, recognise her strengths and see her potential; so much so she has recently passed her Grade 1 RAD ballet exam and even performs solo on stage - something I never thought I’d see!

Karen S

My daughter Evie, now 13 has been attending KBDA since she was 2.5 years old and still loves every moment! What she gains out of attending KBDA is so much more than just attending her weekly dance classes. The long lasting friendships she has gained outside of school are precious to her and the support that she receives from Karen. I can’t thank KBDA enough for everything they do. They are kind, supportive and nurturing and take each child as an individual looking at their all round needs of friendships, wellbeing and happiness as well as teaching important skills as discipline, confidence and everything else that comes with dance and musical theatre. 

Jess G

3 years ago, when Amelia was just about to turn 6, she did her first KBDA Showcase. Full of confidence, so happy and proud of herself. Then Covid happened. She was forced to say goodbye to dancing, swimming, school and her friends. We had months and months of so much anxiety - from not wanting to go to school, or clubs.  We had to take a break from dancing and the rest of her clubs. We slowly started to go back to dance, and after watching her perform in Showcase 2023, we are in complete awe and so proud of all that she has achieved with KBDA. The pandemic hit my girl hard, so seeing her so full of confidence up there onstage makes us so proud!

Annie H

It was a big decision for me to move dance schools, but I am happy I did. I was very nervous at first, but all the girls are really nice, and made me feel welcome. I am able to do my Ballet, Acro and Contemporary Grades all at one school. I love all the teachers, and Miss Karen is lovely, is a great teacher and encourages you to work to the best of your ability. Even though it is quite a long journey for us it is definitely worth it. I am very happy at KBDA.

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