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Individuality. Creativity. Excellence. 

About the Karen Blackburn Dance Academy


Our Ethos

Since 2000, we have been delivering dance lessons for children in Hampshire that are designed to be educational, fun, and an outlet for self-expression. At KBDA, we believe that dance should be accessible to everyone and that the experience of dance training can be transformative and instrumental in developing self-confidence, physical skills, and friendships that last a lifetime.

From your very first steps, either as a hobby or leading to a career in the performing arts industry, we offer an inclusive dance education. Our focus is always on the individual, and we work hard with students to maximise their potential and help them achieve their personal goals. 


With our Royal Ballet Affiliate Teacher Training and Assessment programme, Rambert Contemporary Grades and The Dang Musical Theatre Syllabus among the classes we offer, we aspire to create an environment where each child ‘finds their place.' 


The teachers at KBDA have a vast range of experience across all the disciplines we offer. Our collective approach is to share our love of dance while being supportive and encouraging. We are here to guide you on your own personal dance journey each step of the way.


We introduce our very youngest students to the world of dance through a range of classes specifically designed to ensure their first steps are educational, creative, magical and, above all, fun!

KBDA is not just about excellence in dance. It’s about passion, dedication, respect, and support.

It’s about extended family, inclusivity, and building life-long friendships.

Inspiring the next generation through the joy of dance

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